Comforting Colors

You may have noticed that certain colors can evoke specific emotions from you. There is a whole science as to why this is, but we are sure that it differs depending on the individual. We thought it would be nice to detail the emotions said to be linked to our company colors based on an article from Color Psychology. Our brand focuses on added tranquility and comfort into everyone’s life and we find it important to help others see the greatness that lies within them. The colors of or brand represent greatness to us and we were delighted to realize that our color choices also assist in evoking that emotion from others.

Cream: Safety, Goodness, and Innocence

Black: Power, Elegance, and Strength

Maroon: Energy, Strength, Power, and Passion

Gold: Joy, loyalty, Honor, and Energy


Let us know what color is your favorite and if you find yourself feeling any of these emotions when experiencing the above colors.

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