Getting Comfortable with Gratitude

Now is the time when most of us are more focused on what we are thankful for. Our team believes that it is important to maintain this thought pattern throughout our lives. So, we’ve decided to give you two sensory ways to show gratitude.


1. Savor The Flavor

We all need to eat, but in the fast-paced world that we live in today a lot of times we barely even chew our food. It’s understandable to be in a rush, but a wonderful gift to give yourself is a little space within the day to just slow down and notice your eating process. This may begin as a little weird but after a while it becomes lovely. Appreciating your teeth for chewing, your saliva for digesting, and all the other wonderful things your body does as you eat can be a wonderful gratitude practice in your day. Beyond that, if you're eating foods you love, noticing and appreciating the flavors can be mind blowing. Try it and tell us what you think.

2. Reflective Gratitude Sessions

Mirrors are usually used to ensure that there is no crust or questionable leftovers on our faces, but when was the last time you used it to reflect on the gratitude you have for yourself. If you don’t do this often, we suggest that you start. Just take a few minutes to use your sense of sight and of sound to give yourself a little thankfulness for just being you. This could be on a lunch break in the review mirror of your car or in the mirror of your office restroom. There is never a bad place to hype yourself up, so just pick anywhere. You can say these gratitude statements out loud or even in your head. One that we love is, “It feels great to consistently be great at being me.” 

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