Seasonless Slow Fashion

The term seasonless slow fashion might not sound too appealing but give us a second, and I’m sure we can change your mind on that. As a company that cares about what we are putting out to the world, it doesn’t make sense for us to create something that has an end date on it. An article by My Green Closet put it perfectly, “If you have to create 30-100 new designs every 3 months or less, how much time and energy can you put into each one?” Not much.

We choose to take time with our products and to give them time. The frequency in which seasons change is a beautiful experience but consistency is our focus, because what lasts doesn’t become waste. So, with our choice to do seasonless slow fashion we aren’t stagnant, but more purpose driven. We follow the trend of comfort, and it makes us far more comfortable giving out products that last, rather than products that move fast.

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