The Benefits of Small Batch Production


Small batch production is a term that you may or may not know about, but it has become something that our brand believes to be very important. Being that we are creatives that care, we love to do our research, and although this is how we’ve always done things, our reasoning for why we do it has changed immensely. Small batch production is when a brand orders from 30 – 500 units of whatever product they are selling. This not only assists the company in affordability of production with less risk, but it also allows for way less waste.



We started with ordering small batches of our products in order to be able to afford to starting our business. Later, after the manufacturer who sewed the patches onto our original long sleeve shirts closed, we began accumulating even smaller batches of products and now personally handsewn the patches onto all of our items ourselves. It is obviously more convenient for us to order in this manner, but we became even more excited about this style of production when we discovered its sustainable benefits.

This production method reduces the risk of waste and uses up less resources. After reading an article from The New York Times, we learned that about 85% of waste from fashion ends up going to landfills or being incinerated. This is something that we do not want to contribute to, and it is our goal to ensure that every single creation we make finds a cozy home. As conscious creators, we choose to do our best to implement these practices consistently as we expand.



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