The Power of Consistency

There are many things that you can do in life, but with no consistency it is less likely that you will thrive in any of them. Our slogan, “Consistent comfort for the senses,” includes this term because if you aren’t being consistent in what you’re doing, then why do it? To use it is important to move past obstacles and see them all as expansion and directional guides. Here are three tips on how to stay consistent and never give up.

  1. Have a purpose that deeply resonates with you: It’s easy to be consistent with things that mean a lot to you and that you feel strongly about. Why you do something is extremely important and will boost your ability to keep at it.
  2. Create reminders: Imagine that when you wake up, you see a note that helps you to stay motivated, then when you look at your phone's screen there’s another reminder, and as you walk around your house there’s plenty more that keep you focused, you will stay consistent. It may seem odd at first, but a lot of times odd things lead to success.
  3. Get organized: It is easy to fall off if you feel overwhelmed. Consistency does not mean uncomfortable and pushing, it’s all about making things work in a way that suits you. Learn yourself and create systems that help you to thrive, because an unorganized plan can easily lead to giving up.

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