The Power of Your Senses and Ways to Comfort Them

As you may know, we all perceive the world as we know it through our five senses. They communicate with our brain in order to transform information into life experiences. Our connection to the outside world is possible due to these utensils which help us to paint the canvas of life. With the use of nerve impulses, chemical substances, chemical molecules, vibrations, and light waves our senses transform numerous things we can’t see into experiences. With this knowledge, we realize that comforting these beautiful aids is very important. Here are five ways to soothe the senses:


  1. Sight: Taking about five minutes throughout your day to just close your eyes could be of great benefit to your sight. Also choosing to read printed books or listening to audiobooks with your eyes shut helps to soothe sight (this also helps with imagining the story better.) Another great idea is to not look at any screens for about 15 minutes before you go to sleep.
  2. Sound: If you’re into something that’s just plain satisfying, then ASMR or Autonomous sensory meridian response might be the way to go for comfort. If that’s just not your style, then listening to ocean sounds or smooth jazz might be the right path for you. Both are easily found on the internet and can be very enjoyable.
  3. Taste: We all know foods that make us salivate just from the thought of them. Obviously, these foods would be a great idea to eat, if we’re looking to comfort the taste buds. We would also recommend finding foods known to be good for us and making them taste like those comfort foods we already love.
  4. Smell: From diffusers, essential oils, incense, to candles there are plenty of ways to comfort this lovely sense. As stated in an article in the Huffpost, the smell of cinnamon, vanilla, pine, lavender, and jasmine are all known to relieve stress and to calm the body. There are many more scents out there that may do the trick for you, so it's always best to find what suits you.
  5. Touch: Soft blankets, comfortable clothes, and warm baths are a great start when it comes to this sense. What coats you daily can have a huge effect on your mood. Find what feels good and smother your body in it.

Let us know how you comfort your senses and if any of these recommendations help you below.

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